Sunday, January 31, 2010

Park Playdate with friends

One of my most favorite things about living in DeLand is the plethora of State Parks and City Parks/Playgrounds. The little boy that lives in our house enjoys every opportunity he has to hang out at one of these fun places. Another thing that we love about this place is the opportunity to enjoy these outings with great friends.

Jonah wanted to take a picture of me with Gentry Rose. He said we were his two "favorite friends!" He's doing pretty well with the camera. AND, she always smiles for him. Her mommy wishes she would do the same for her!!!

I have tons more I could say about this day but the little boy and the little girl you see in the picture below have an appointment in the church nursery in 46 minutes. So, I better get moving!


melody mccain dowdy said...

dear jonah-are you available for hire? i seriously could use a few tips on how to get my girl to look at me the way you do and SMILE!!! i have a feeling it has nothing to do with technique and everything to do with the fact that-SHE IS SO STINKIN HAPPY TO JUST SMILE at YOU!!! her photographer friend JONAH

Anonymous said...

Fancy word, that "plethora". You must be very good at scrabble. The people you are playing have no chance. As a matter of fact, I hear it upon good account that one of your opponents is having a hard time coming up with a word.


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