Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve at Sea World

Jonah pretty much stole the hearts of Jimmy and Cathy Hibbs in Vidalia. I worked for Jimmy the 7 years we were there and they are like family to us now. Jimmy was one of those people who never oohed and ahhhed over kids. In all honesty, the kind of got on his nerves. But, then came Jonah! It didn't happen suddenly because he was a little weirded out by babies. I don't really remember when the change came but one day there was a carseat in his car and the rest is history.

More afternoons than I can count, I would be working in my office when Jimmy would walk in with Jonah. He was on the pickup list at Jonah's school so he would just drop by to get him. All the people there called him PaPaw because they assumed he was Jonah's grandfather. Cathy was our pinch hit babysitter. Anytime we needed her, she made it work. She kept him at least two afternoons a week so I wouldn't have to put him in daycare. Can you tell they love this little guy?

Well, just last Wednesday, the decided to up their stock in his mind with Sea World passes. I went to Sea World back in 1990 when I came to Orlando on vacation with Ramsey's and Bailey's but have not been since. Dan and Jonah have never been. We all loaded up on NYE and headed south on I-4 to ring in the New Year with Shamu.

To say the play was crowded was an understatement! Man oh man! The girl at the dolphin tank told me that the crowds were 70% higher than a typical day. Jonah didn't mind the madness. He even got splashed by the stingray when he was petting it.

We had to stop by the Manatee statue for a picture. Jonah has been singing "Barbara Manatee" nonstop for about 4 weeks now. He LOVES that song! He really will flip when we take him to Blue Springs to see the Manatee in a couple of weeks.

This picture cracks me up. I told Jonah to open his mouth wide like the shark. Dan joined in on the photo op!

Thanks Jimmy and Cathy for such a great gift. We miss you and love you! When you get here THIS MONTH, we will take you to visit Shamu!!

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