Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas from a distance

I keep hearing stories about the deficit at the United States Postal Service. It seems they are losing money by the day and are not sure how to recover. I am currently expecting a thank you note from them because I feel sure Jonah saved their bottom line this year. I came home one day to find several boxes at our front door. I added the postage together (yep, I'm a geek) for just the mail delivered that day to discover over $76 spent mailing things to this kiddo. There were several days that looked just like this. It was insane. Our mail lady asked me if I had a home business. HA!

I only let him open gifts when he was on the phone or on SKYPE with whoever gave it to him. There were a couple of exceptions to that rule because it got so close to Christmas and it was harder to catch people at home. It was more fun to watch him to talk to friends and family and explain what they gave him. I think he thought it was a surprise to them too!

These are just a few pictures of him with gifts, opening gifts, playing with gifts, thanking people for gifts and being excited about gifts. This little boy is so loved and we are so grateful. Not necessarily for the gift but for the way you care about him. He knows he is loved. He knows he is cared for. He knows he is special. We have so many of you to thank for that.

Max even got a gift from Ott and Beera, or Art and Vera to those of you who don't speak Jonah's language! He has successfully hidden it from Jonah.

Christmas at our house was wonderful this year. It was such a reminder of the sweet friendships we have, the wonderful family we are part of and the celebration of a baby who took on flesh and came to this world to be Immanuel...GOD WITH US!

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