Sunday, January 3, 2010


I love my neighborhood. I love that there are little boys all around us. I love that my little boy has friends his age. I love that we had two play dates last Wednesday. It was pretty fun!! Jaxson and his mom came over for a while then Jonah asked to go to their house. We walked through the gate and headed the their house when Jaxson ran back to our front door begging to stay and play at our house.

Jonah stood in their yard and begged to stay there and play. It was a battle of wills. To Jonah, Jaxson's yard was far superior. To Jaxson, Jonah's toys totally rocked. For the moms...well, we were just trying to go the route of least tears. Jonah won! Not really due to tears but because we told Jaxson we would play there for 30 minutes then back to our house.
These little boys really do have the best of both worlds. Only that fence separates our two yards. One yard has a pool and one yard has a fort with swings. Jaxson's mom, Kelly and I spent lots of time imagining how many days we will spend in those backyards this summer.
After we played in Jaxson's yard for a while, he convinced Jonah to come back to our house. The rode in cars, dug holes, jumped, ran, played football, played baseball, had snacks, played the marble racer game, moved the slide, played soccer, shot the marshmallow shooter (imaginary) and giggled...A LOT!

The hit of the day was the batman punching bag that Noah gave Jonah for his birthday. That thing was everything from a pirate ship to a marshmallow gun to a bumblebee to an airplane. The imaginations were out in full force that day.

We were supposed to be at Aaron's house by 3 for the play date with him. Since Jaxson was still at our house, I called Aaron's mom to see if he could just come here to play. Aaron has 2 sisters so I'm pretty sure he was happy for some guy time. I walked over to his house to get him then we headed back to Jaxson's back yard for some more play time.

After a while, it was time for Jaxson to go inside for dinner. Jonah, Aaron and I moved to the front yard to have more fun.

I lined them up at the driveway to run a race. Aaron was really quick. Jonah...not so much! If you watch the video below, you will understand why I feel pretty positive an Olympic career in track in field is out of the question!!

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