Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Way back WHENsday

For this installment of Way Back WHENsday, I went back to each year to find a couple of photos from the same week of that year.


This was the most favorite, most requested picture of Jonah's life up until that point. I think most every living room in Vidalia had a copy of this one. Once it hit the blog, the requests started pouring in for copies.
First time to use a sippy cup. Little did we know how much trouble that would be for us. This kid LOVED his bottle and did not want to ever use that cup. Good thing we started at 5 months. Had we waited until he HAD to use a cup, we would still be trying.

Mississippi State University made it to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis that year so our entire family loaded up and headed to Memphis. We got there just in time to catch the parade on Beale Street. Our little bulldog had a ton of fun!


Jonah dressed up in his cowboy costume as Sheriff Woody and spent some serious time with Buzz. Those two guys will always be at the top of his list.
We spent a little time with Eli in hopes of getting a sweet picture for Zoo-zoo of two of her favorite little boys.
Looking back on the previous years makes me so excited about the years to come. I remember each of these moments and the love that was bursting from my heart. That has only grown stronger since these times. I can't wait for the many years to come with this little gift God has given us.


Audra said...

Your original MS State parade post was the first one I ever read off your blog! You had just changed to the new one and I converted over with you! Seems like yesterday!

Amanda said...

I remember all those pictures so well, especially the last :) Thanks again for doing that photo shoot! Eli has changed SO much!


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