Monday, December 28, 2009


Jonahs 3 Santa gifts this year were a marble racer, a helicopter (the thing he told everyone he wanted) and a racetrack. The racetrack was originally from us but when Santa's remote control bounce back racer didn't work, we had to pull this from under the tree, unwrap it and put it together. Ahem, I mean Santa did all of that.
Dr. Russ told me she was starting the Fontani Nativity collection for Jonah this year. I felt sure she sent baby Jesus this year. I took a big gamble by putting it with the Bibles for the Christmas story since I didn't know for sure that was what was in the box. Melody gave me the idea of opening baby Jesus on Christmas morning to help Jonah realize that Jesus really is the best gift ever. I was grateful the gamble paid off. (You will hear my relief in the video below.)

In case Santa was late to your house, it is our fault! Due to our poor planning in the battery department, one gift of his that did not work and lots of giggles, he was still at our house at 2:00 a.m. The clock below shows the time we turned the lights off and headed to bed. Eeks!

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