Thursday, December 24, 2009

My birthday with Jonah

When Jonah got up from his nap yesterday, he was ready to give me my gift and card from him. He even wrapped it himself.

Dan told me I would really crack up at his card because he picked it out himself and no matter how hard Dan tried to direct him to a different card, he HAD to have the one he picked out.
Yep, my card was a Dora and Diego card for a 3 year old. Dan wrote a five on the 3 to represent my actual age...35!

Jonah also made me two pins at preschool. He was sure I needed to wear them. So, being the good mommy I am, I put them on. He was pleased as punch!

Who would have ever thought a card that was not age appropriate and two gaudy homemade pins would bring so much joy to a mama's heart? I'd take these things any day over diamonds and jewels!

1 comment:

Penny said...

Cutest pins ever. :) I love them and the card. Too sweet. Merry Christmas!


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