Monday, December 28, 2009

More Christmas pictures

Jonah spent a good part of the morning on SKYPE with my mom and Jimmy and Cathy. We tried to SKYPE with Dan's parents but they weren't at their computer. He was very happy to show off the loot he got that morning.

Max found a comfy spot on the Santa bag and was content to hang out there for the morning.

It was so nice to sit with Jonah and talk to him about Jesus and why he was born. He is finally at the age to understand why he gets 3 gifts and what those mean. He listened so intently to the Christmas story from Luke 2 and then his two preschool Bibles. This was my favorite part of the day.

Jonah got to open the gifts from Granny B on Christmas morning. They arrived in the mail on Christmas Eve right as we were leaving for the Christmas eve service so I stuck them under the tree. He loved his game and sweater Granny! Thanks!

Christmas gifts last all day long at our house. As a matter of fact, he still has three gifts under the tree that haven't even been opened. We open a gift and play with it until he is bored with it. For that purpose, we try to purchase games and books that require all of us to play. It makes the gifts last all day and gives us lots of family time.

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Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Reed got "Don't Break the Ice" too. He really liked it a lot.


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