Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jonah's first school program

Jonah's first school program was last night. It was a tad bit chaotic due to a fire in their sanctuary the day before. They had to move everything to the Family Life Center a the last minute. I only have a couple of videos because I used my SLR camera with my zoom lens during the program. Dan used our regular camcorder. So, I used my little P&S for the last two songs. This is one of them. You will notice Jonah dancing, then picking his nose at the very beginning. Would it be a preschool program without a few nose pickers? Nah! And, just so you know, Jonah is on the far left and McKenzie, a little girl from our church is next to him. The little boy on the front with dark hair is our neighbor, Aaron. They were placed perfectly for me to get pictures of all of them together.

I have TONS of pictures to edit and LOTS of video to show you but that will have to wait until I have time to get it done. My mom was DYING to see a sneak peek so this will have to do until I can do better! :-)


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