Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jonah Stories

Jonah: Daddy, we got you some new pajamas at Targets. (yes, he always adds an S)
Me: Jonah, that was supposed to be a secret.
Jonah: (whispers in Dan's ear) Daddy, we got you some new pajamas.

After lunch, we took Jonah to the Santa Shop at Stetson Baptist Christian School. They have a little shop set up where kids can shop for their family members and get the gift wrapped so they can have their own little surprises under the tree. We walked in to find lots of church members who were more than willing to help Jonah shop and spend his $10. We left him in their care with his money and my camera. After some time, Jonah and Kathy Walrath come back to Dan's office with three gifts. One was small and said To Mommy From Jonah. The next one was a tad bit larger and said To Daddy From Jonah. The biggest said To Jonah From Jonah. Kathy said there were some softies in that group who helped him find a present for himself.

Well, being three years old and completely clueless about the whole Christmas gift idea, Jonah wanted to open gifts right away. He gave us ours and told us to open them. We kept telling him that we needed to wait until Christmas. He finally started opening his and said "Christmas is about baby Jesus so that is why I am opening my presents know, okay? Reggie, Dan and I all laughed! Sometimes I am glad other people get to experience these conversations just to prove we aren't making these things up!

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Penny said...

I LOVE it! Kids his age crack me up. Most of the time it's just them being so literal. My 8 yr. old grandson called Saturday wanting to spend the night. I told him I was leaving for a baby shower and he could come over after that. He called a 4:30 asking "Is Mimi back from the baby wash yet?" LOL I never thought that he wouldn't know what a baby shower is! =)


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