Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas was a big struggle for us this year. It seems that we just got the house in a little bit of order and I hated to pull out all the Christmas stuff out and mess that up. But, having a toddler in the house over ruled my laziness. Jonah is the perfect age for enjoying all things Christmas. I have so loved every minute of seeing him experience the wonder of this season.

We totally let him be involved in the process. He did everything from help clean out his room for his tree to decorating and throwing away the trash. He had a blast!

We took him to Walmart a week before we decorated and let him pick out the tree for his room. He chose a white tree with colored lights. He loved it. Dan hated it. So, after a few days, we decided to change it to a green tree with with colored lights. We thought that might be better for long term in his room than a white tree. We never imagined it would cause a problem. As we let him open the box, he noticed the green tree and gasped. He said "What happened to my white tree?" Dan and I caught each others eyes and knew we had a problem. I said "WOW...your tree is MAGIC!!!!!" He looked up with wide eyes and said "Yep, my tree is magic!" From that moment on, he has been okay with his magic tree! :-)

Before he decorated his tree, we pulled all of his handmade items out so he could decorate his own tree. He was so proud to point out everything he made. It was so precious to see.

If you have ever assembled an artificial tree, then you know the pieces come with little labels in the shape of trees that are numbered so you would know how to put it together. I threw them away but Jonah got them out of the trash to use as ornaments. I could not tell him no because it was such an original idea and I am really trying to help him foster his individuality and creativity.

So, now our tree has three ornaments that aren't actually ornaments. But, they tell a story and I love it.
When we bought his tree, I bought a sleeve of non-breakable ornaments to spread over the tree just to add some color. I let Jonah hang those and he put all six of them within inches of each other. A couple even ended up on the same branch. Dan looked at me and said "Are you gonna let him leave those like that?" He was very shocked to discover that I was. I told him it was Jonah's tree and he could hang them however he wanted.

After we finished decorating Jonah's tree, we moved to the family room and dining room to do some decorating in there. Everything took a little longer with Jonah's help but it was a special time.

In the midst of decorating, Jonah looked at me and said "How bout we go eat apples?" So, we did!

Then, he decided he wanted to take so pictures so I gave him my camera and let him do as he pleased. He loves to take pictures and actually does pretty well.

After he took lots of pictures, he wanted to take a picture next to his Christmas tree. This is his "TA DA look!" He has loved having this big tree in his room and makes sure to tell everyone who walks in the door they can go look at it.

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