Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with the Wood Family

We received a very sweet invitation to have Christmas lunch with Frank & Margie Wood. It was so sweet of them to invite us to be part of their family on Christmas Day. We have come to love all of them and were blessed to be part of their Christmas celebration. I guess Jonah was a little hungry when we arrived because he stood at the counter and said "could someone give me a bite of something?" As you can imagine, several adults scampered around to find that boy a bite of turkey!

I told him he needed to wait until lunch to eat but the grandparents in the room would have NONE of that. He got eat whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Oh to be 3 again!!
The Sunday night after our choir presentation, there was a Sunday School class party at the Wood home. We told Jonah we were going to a Christmas party there. He told one of the class members "it sure is nice of them to invite me to Jesus' birthday party." He just assumed a party at Christmas would be for Jesus. Well, Margie heard about that and just had to have a cake for Jesus on Christmas Day.

Jonah has become quite smitten with Mr. Jeff. Ever since he fished with him right after we moved here, he talks about Jeff and always mentions fish to him. Jeff sat on the couch with him for a while that afternoon and read books and played Iphone games with him. Jeff has a little buddy for sure.
While Jonah hung with Jeff, Cathy whipped up some fudge for all of us then let Jonah lick the spoon. Think he liked it?

As if our day had not been full of fun, Mrs. Margie topped off the day by pulling a Grinch ornament from the tree and giving it to Jonah. Think she made some serious brownie points? OH YEAH!


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Jesus' birthday cake looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

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