Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lots to learn

As I was getting Jonah out of his carseat at church tonight, I was explaining to him how to unbuckle the carseat. He has never been allowed to touch the buckles, for obvious reasons. He has always known that was off limits so when you get him out, he moves his hands away from all buckles. I decided it was time to teach him how to undo them so he can help. After we talked about that, we shut the door to the van then started walking into the building for Wednesday Night supper. He was holding my hand and looked up at me and said "Mommy, there is SO much you need teach me!" I started laughing because that was so random and so very sweet. He said "Don't laugh mommy. I love for you to teach me things. You know a lot!" Seriously...such a sweet (and funny) boy!!


4 J's said...

ok...that sealed the deal. Jonah MUST marry Jana Claire. That made me cry! What a precious little boy you have!

Anonymous said...

How incredibly sweet; now I'm crying - thanks!

Barb said...



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