Monday, November 23, 2009

Disney with GiGi

On Friday of Gigi's visit, we loaded up and headed south to DisneyWorld. As we were leaving the house, I spotted Jonah's mouse ears from our May, 2008 visit. I grabbed those and thought I'd attempt a cute picture with Jonah wearing them. He has always hated them in the past. He saw them and immediately wanted them. I think he wore them most of the day. Cute, huh?

When we were there a couple of weeks ago, it was totally decorated for Fall. Well, any resemblance of fall is gone and it they are hard core Christmas now. It was our first time ever to see any Christmas decor there. It is so beautiful! Jonah and GiGi stopped for a picture then we headed inside where Jonah found some "Hoopaloops" and had a large time.

We stopped for the iconic Magic Kingdom picture but the sun was in Jonah's eyes and he was having no part of smiling while his eyes were full of sun. Oh well! We moved on to a less sunny spot for a 3 generation picture. We had to wait behind a couple of families so I snapped a few pictures until our time in front of the castle.

Jonah was once again determined to find our way on the map. He loves those maps and looks at them as if he is the chief navigator for the day.

Space Mountain has been closed since we moved here because it has been in the rehab stage. We got to see inside of it with all the lights on when we road the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority that takes you through the rides in Tomorrowland. That was a really cool thing to see. I tried to take a picture but the glare blocks you from seeing what we saw. It was super cool to see the insides of what usually is pitch black.

After we got off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, we walked up on a show with Captain Jack Sparrow. He chose Jonah to be one of his Apprentice Pirates for the day. He got a little timid and wanted his daddy with him so Dan went too. He even got a certificate. Since his 4th birthday is a pirate them, the certificate will be a great addition to the party decor.

We walked around for a while then spotted a very short line with PETER PAN at the end! Jonah loves Peter Pan and could hardly wait to meet him. While we were in line, he said "I'm gonna ask Peter where is Tinkerbell!" I love this age because he is so sure those are the real people he watches in the movies. He is so sincere when he talks to them.

Jonah also got his try at removing the sword from the stone. It wasn't his lucky day though. He sure gave it a good attempt though!

We headed straight to Philharmagic and enjoyed that show once again. It is one of our favorites so we see it most every time we are in Fantasy Land. Jonah used to hate the glasses but now wears them with no problem. After that show, we used our Fast Passes for Peter Pan. We always get Fast Passes for that ride because it is Jonah's most favorite in the whole park.
On our way out, we happened to walk up on the flag corps removing the American flag from the pole. We reminded Jonah to put his hand on his heart. Apparently, his heart is in his belly!

We left Magic Kingdom in order to get to Hollywood Studios in time for Fantasmic. Debbie had never seen that show and we didn't want her to miss it. We saw the show and were walking out when Dan remembered "The Osborn Family Christmas Light Spectacular" so we went in search of it. WOW! So glad we did. It was amazing.

Notice Jonah's hands in the next one...he was trying to catch the snow that was falling. Yep, we had snow falling all over us in 80 degree weather. It was great.

We had a long day full of fun and excitement but a little boy eventually has to crash. And, crash he did!

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Max E. Glenn said...

Really great to see kids enjoying disneyland.

We had our "Glenn Gang" reunion there several years ago.

Must be another branch of tree that I am not aware of....?

I am Max Eugene Glenn and live in Yachats, Oregon

Want you know more about your branch of the Glenn tree.


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