Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DHS ballgame

We went to the DeLand High School football game a couple of weeks ago. It started at almost Jonah's bedtime so we weren't sure how long he would last. We hoped to make it through halftime. Something came on inside of him when he heard the band play the first time and the kid became a dancing machine. At several spots during the game, NO ONE around us was watching the game because Mr. Soul Train was putting on a show of his own. I have countless videos from the night. I'm posting a few at the end just to prove how much he danced.

We did our typical "move around a lot" during the game so we could find different church members to sit with and spend time with. Our last stop was in front of Chris and Jennifer Fowler. That is when the dancing almost ceased. He got intimidated or something?


Penny said...

Staying up past his bedtime again?! Lord, you move to Florida and throw all your routines out the window. LOL
Maybe Jonah will want to join the band now. =)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the entertainment for everybody around was not Jonah dancing but crazy mom filming everything. Those parents with all of those cameras, they are so funny. What a bunch of goobers. Ha.

Malinda said...

Sara Madalin likes a man who can dance.


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