Monday, November 2, 2009

Cowboy Jonah

I had to work in Vicksburg a couple of days before we left Louisiana. Since I was near the outlet mall, I had to stop and check out any great deals that might be had. I found the perfect Halloween costume for Jonah and started talking to him about it then. He was super pumped to be a Pirate. We have spent two months working on our "Arrgh Matey" with him.

While he was napping, I got his costume out to put on the couch so we could dress him and head out the door. I noticed that the costume had a skeleton built into it. You will see that when I post pics from Trick or Treating. I held it up for Dan and asked if he thought it looked scary. Neither of us thought it was really scary but it was certainly not in the "friendly costume" category that church festivals usually request. So, I knew we needed to do something different. Considering it was 30 minutes away from time to wake him from his nap, I had to work fast.

He had three other costumes that had not been worn for previous Halloweens. I bought Buzz Lightyear and Peter Pan last year when Disney put them on clearance. Then I remembered a cowboy costume that David & Linda gave him for his first birthday. It was a size 1-2 but I figured it was worth a shot. AND, I remembered then that Max also got a costume from them to match Jonah's. So, the cowboy plan was in full motion. The only negative was going to be convincing Pirate Jonah to become Cowboy Jonah. That was going to be no easy task!!

But, much to our surprise, God totally smiled on us that day! Dan presented the cowboy idea to Jonah and he never questioned it. He was more than thrilled to be "WOODY!" Yay! Dan dressed Max (much to his dismay) while Jonah looked on.

Max tends to get his costume off at the first available moment. So, we have to place him up high to get a picture as to avoid him rubbing it off. He is a little afraid of being up high so that always works. Cute picture, huh? I'm just sorry it was taken in our bathroom!
We moved to the backyard in hopes of getting some good outdoor shots. Had I known about the switch to a cowboy theme, I would have been sure to have a stick horse to complete the ensemble. Oh well! He was pretty cute without it. Dontcha' think?

As you can see, Max was completely joyous at the opportunity of being dressed up for Halloween. He hates us! I'm sure of it!!

We got to the church and got Jonah registered for the festival. I hope they contact us...seems like a nice church. :-)

Emi stamped Jonah's hand then showed it to him under the black light. He thought it was magic. After she got all of us stamped so we could take him home with us later, Vickie gave him his bag of candy and information about Stetson Baptist Church.

I saw the gym was full of people and inflatable games so we turned left to go into the youth room for all the games first. I knew if he hit the inflatables that he would never come out. While we enjoyed going from game to game with him, I discovered one thing about my child. HE CAN'T THROW! He throws everything like a frisbee and misses his target 100% of the time. We definitely have some work to do.

Kathy Walrath really impressed him with a full bag of Buzz Lightyear candy. That was the easiest trick or treating ever. She said she saw the bag of candy and had to buy it for him because of his love of Buzz. Very sweet.

He did so bad and hitting his target in the different games that he just started walking right up and putting it where it went. Everyone let him do it because I think they were all embarrassed for him. ;-)

We got him to stop at the photo spot for a picture and could not get him to even look at the camera. He was way more interested in the games and fun.

We walked into the gym and he gasped! He was amazed at all that was in front of him. He took off then I pulled him pack so I could change his clothes. I knew he would want to be comfortable and that cowboy suit was anything but.

We were so busy chasing Jonah that I didn't get a lot of pictures of other kiddos and costumes but here are a few. Aren't they cuties?

Jonah had a blast and our church got tons of names of unchurched families. Now, the follow-up begins. So exciting!


Penny said...

In a couple of those pictures, Jonah looks like a gun slinger without a gun. lol
Poor Max! Poor, poor Max! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cutest cowboy ever!!! I love him and miss him soooo heart aches.


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