Friday, October 16, 2009

Swimming in October?!?!?!

That picture wasn't a particularly great picture of Jonah, but I posted it so a certain few people can see the child safety fence around the pool. I've gotten a couple of questions about how closely we watch Jonah outside and whether the pool is a concern since we have a child. Florida has a law that all pools must have a child safety fence. This is completely removable but we plan to leave it up all the time. The only exception will be parties but we will put it right back up. I have a hard time opening it sometimes so I feel quite sure Jonah is safe!
Is it odd to anyone else that it is the middle of October and I'm posting pictures of swimming in the ocean and the pool? I guess I will begin to realize the difference in Florida weather and MS/LA weather at some point but I'm not there yet. I still can't believe that we have been to the beach or in the pool six out of the last seven days. But, believe it or not, we have. And, I have pictures as proof!

I asked Jonah to take his swimsuit off so I could squeeze the water out of it before walking inside. He took it off but got right back in the pool. I told him he was skinny dipping. He said "No, I'm not...I'm swimming!"

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Baylee's Mommy said...

That's NUTS! It is 43 degrees here in North Tennessee!I LOVE cold weather...well cool weather :)
I love the pool! Seems that a certain little boy does as well.


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