Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday School Party + Rock Band = Lots of FUN!

We have been making the rounds to various Sunday School class parties and visiting different groups at Stetson since we arrived a little over a month ago. We have gotten tons of invitations but (obviously) can't make everything. So, we put them all on the calendar and do what we can. A couple of weeks ago, we headed to the Craig & Amy Uppercue's house for an Italian night with their Sunday School class. We did not know Rock Band was on the agenda for the evening. My child could not have been more thrilled!!!

I looked up at one point and Amy was on the floor with all the kiddos. She looked like "The Baby Whisperer" over there.

Eli and Jonah took turns playing Hannah's drum until Jonah got the opportunity to play the real drums. We were all quite surprised with how well he did. Dan says he actually has rhythm. He must have gotten that from his dad. I have none!

We had a great night with that group and got to meet a couple of people who were visiting our church. They both joined the next morning. That is proof that personal relationships are effective in drawing people to a church. It isn't always staff, programs or is people who care for other people. I love it!

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