Sunday, October 11, 2009

Story time with Daddy

Since Jonah was a baby, Dan has done bedtime duty with him. It is a very special time they share on the nights Dan is home. I believe that is one of the reasons Jonah goes to bed so easily. He looks so forward to "daddy time" and relishes every second of it.

I was cutting coupons at the bar the other night when I heard Dan reading to Jonah. Back at Easter, Cliff and Beppa gave Jonah a book of bedtime stories (after Jonah told me not to buy it for him because Beppa would...which she did!) Anyway, the book has long bedtime stories in it and Jonah's attention span has just gotten to the point where he can handle those long stories. So, that night, I could not help but laugh as Dan personified all the characters with voices. Please ignore my giggling as I secretly videoed this. Is there anything sweeter than a daddy and his child? Love it!


Penny said...

I love this! Ask Dan to fly over and read to my kindergarteners. lol
I wish I'd videoed more when my kids were small. We didn't have our own camera, though, and I couldn't always borrow one. I would love to have one of Shelbi and Larry saying their bedtime prayers.

Katie (and Tony) said...

I LOVE it!!!! I have high hopes for Dan when I see him. I expect him to sing to me, to read me bedtimes stories...I'll start my list now...

Beppa said...

Precious!! Cliff was our "bedtime" parent and Katie was talking the other day about bathtime and bedtime, even brushing their teeth...they don't forget the times spent with daddy!! Glad they are enjoying the book, it has sooo many fun stories! It's funny to watch the video and see both Dan and Jonah's feet moving while they are reading! :)


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