Saturday, October 17, 2009

So kind

Many times over that past few months, Dan and I have commented to each other about how kind Jonah is. Considering he is our only child, I don't know if that is normal for a three year old but it amazes me each time. Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about.

  • Jonah was sick a few weeks ago. I walked into the bathroom as he was getting ready to brush his teeth so I could give him medicine. He opened his mouth, swallowed the liquid then looked at me and said "thank you for my medicine, mommy!"
  • When we take sippy cups out of the dishwasher, we usually fill all of them and put them in the fridge. Jonah walked by as I was doing that last week and said "Are you putting juice and water in my cups?" I told him I was. He hugged my leg and said "Thank you for always giving me juice in my cup."
  • This morning, Dan was working on his computer while Jonah was watching Dora. Jonah looked up at him and said "Thank you for typing those letters on your computer daddy!"
  • Yesterday we were out and about and Jonah pulled into the Target parking lot. Jonah said "Thank you for bringing me to Targets. This is so special!" (Yes, he puts an S on Target. He must be 70!)
  • It was time to get out of the pool Thursday but Jonah was not ready. His lip started quivering and I knew tears were on the way. I warned him that cried he would go straight to his bed for a nap. He could not help it and the tears came gushing. I was drying him off as he sobbed. Through the tears he said "thank you for letting me swim at my new house and I don't want to take a nap so thank you for swimming and for putting on my swimsuit!"
Like I said, this could be normal three year old behavior but it blows my mind that he is so incredibly kind and grateful. He is so appreciative of things people do for him and always talks about things being "so much fun" when he does something with other people. There is nothing like hearing "thank you mommy" 30+ times a day for every little thing from tying his shoes to fixing his meals to wiping his nose.

Many adults could learn a lesson from this little guy. We go through life expecting things rather than being grateful for the blessings God sends our way. Jonah doesn't say thanks for just the big things, he says thanks for everything. After all, life is a gift...we should all be grateful! Even when it doesn't turn out the way we thought it should!


Anonymous said...

Give his mommy and daddy credit for that. You have taught him from early on to love people and be thankful for what is done for him. Not all parents do that. You are grateful people so he is learning from you.

Penny said...

My stepchild was just complaining about hers (8,5, and almost 3) being ungrateful and I told her, "I know all about that!" She is not grateful for things and talks negatively about the very people she's using for free room and board, and babysitting for the past 8 years. Wonder where they get it from?! Funny, though, that the two older children thank me and their Poppa for the little stuff and only pull that stuff with her.
You've done a wonderful job with Jonah. Humans are born selfish. They're taught gratitude. He didn't just "happen" to have that attitude. =)

Anonymous said...

no, I am pretty sure that is not normal for a 3 year old. So you are very blessed to be given this wonderful little boy, but I think his parent are pretty wonderful and I will give them a lot of the credit. Diane

Aunt Debra said...

I know you didn't write this so you and Dan could get credit, but the previous comments are very accurate. He is so smart and sees a perfect example of how to treat others in you and Dan. As you say often, but this time to you two - good job! You know coming from me I really don't have to say what a wonderful and special child Jonah is! But I will!!! There is noone like him. He is one of a kind - so very precious.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

What fun! Jonah is ahead of Reed in age by several months, so I always look forward to seeing what Jonah is doing. This way, I know what to expect in a few months. I hope this is something he picks up on as well. Having prayed for a child for so long (as we also did), it brings tears to my eyes that God has blessed you with such an incredible young man (and that you appreciate it so much)!


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