Monday, October 12, 2009

I can help you!

Last Monday, the guy from our security company came to install another keypad in our house. Jonah was home sick and I was busy getting ready for our trip to Atlanta the next day. I was in the kitchen washing dishes when I heard Jonah say "you can use it if you want." I walked back to our bedroom to find Jonah sitting next to him with his Handy Manny toolbox. He was offering the guy his tools to use. If you look closely, you can see him holding his hammer up for the guy.

I sat and watched for a little while because it was so sweet. They guy was awesome with him! He has a little boy at home that is close to Jonah's age so he got it! He would "use" Jonah's tools to repair things and then ask for a different tool of his. Jonah thanked him by doing a flip for him. (He is taking gymnastics and very proud of his newly discovered somersault ability!)

The guy tested every zone of our security system and Jonah followed him as he did it. He thought he was invaluable to the process. After the guy left, Jonah looked at me and said, "I am so tired from all that working!"


Leah said...

How sweet! Gavin doesn't ever offer to share his Handy Manny tools! I think he's scared he won't get them back! LOL

Penny said...

Sweet and funny! Wish we could get our ex-son-in-law to agree to let our 5 year grandson take gymnastics. He taught himself to do a cartwheel and a one-handed one! Would love to get a gold medal one day, dedicated to Mimi of course. lol


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