Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harvest Day at Preschool

Jonah's school celebrated Harvest Day yesterday. The memo sent home asked us to the send the kids dressed as a farmer. Um, I felt sure we had a corner on that market!! Spending the last seven years in Louisiana gave us a reference point. AND, Jonah's favorite farmer, MeMaw Tim let Jonah spend a good amount of time at his farm. So, he was more than ready for this day. Part of me wanted him to wear his overalls but I could not pass up his John Deere shirt since it said "LITTLE FARMER." Appropriate? I think so!

Between his John Deere boots and shirt, he was ready to start the day. Unfortunately, he was very upset on the way in the door because the rain was getting his boots wet. (I'm pretty sure John Deere boots were meant to get wet and dirty.)

I dropped him off and told him we would be back for his hayride. He happily told me goodbye and Dan & I left to get car tags. We came back an hour later and waited outside his door for his lesson to end. I checked out his bucket then noticed a board with some pictures on it. There was a picture from the DeLand homecoming parade with Jonah on a blanket with all of his classmates. They were all smiling. Scroll down a couple of pictures to see his face.

HA! Apparently he has to smile so much at home for the camera that when he is in public, he frowns as to give his smiling muscles a rest. We stood in the doorway and watched him listen to his story and interact with his friends. He spotted us, his eyes got huge then he burst into tears. I immediately knew what was going on. He thought we were picking him up from school and he was going to miss the hayride. We rushed over to tell him we were there to go WITH him. He could not catch his breath because he was crying so hard. Poor guy. Check out the red eyes in the next picture.

We have been over the top pleased with our decision to put him at FBC DeLand. Our original goal was for him to be at our church for school but they did not have a spot for him when we arrived. We both believe that was God's providence. He RUNS into his classroom every morning and doesn't want to leave when I get there at noon. He is learning tons. He told me yesterday that today would be the last day of this monk. You know, the monk of October. :-)
I told him to show me his boots and that is what I got. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a real farmer in a stance quite like that.

We were the only two parents in his class to be there for the hayride. I didn't think we were going with them but his teachers invited us to hop on, so we did. Jonah wanted his daddy to stick close. He was so proud to have him there. He kept telling the other kids "that is my daddy!"

There was a small meltdown after the hayride because I wanted a picture of Jonah next to the tractor but he did not want a picture because "that tractor is not green!" I'm afraid farming with Tim may have altered his opinion of all tractors that are not John Deere.

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