Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The blessing of boys

When we looked for a house in DeLand, I had a list of things that were a top priority for us. Some we got, some we didn't. One of the things that was not on my list was a neighborhood full of kids. I don't guess I realized the value in that. Now I do! Even though that was not a priority for us, we are so blessed to have little kids all around us. We have a three year old boy, Jaxson, next door to us and a three year old boy, Aaron, across the street from us. How great is that? Three little three year olds in sight of each other.

Not only that, including those three boys, there are ten kids total between the six houses on each side of us and across the street. I'm so glad Jonah is going to grow up with friends his age and kids a little older than him to teach him new things. The great thing is that three of us have pools, one has a huge fort and two have great swing sets. So, they will all get the benefit of neighbors with fun backyards that are different from their own.

I went outside with Jonah last night after dinner. Dan was a SCBS school board meeting and he thought it would probably last a few hours so I knew we had some time to play. When we got outside with his bike, it was only minutes before everyone else came outside with theirs. It was fun to watch them share bikes, trikes and cars. Although, I thought it was hilarious when Jonah told them his bike was a John Deere bike and none of them knew what John Deere was!! We are definitely in a different part of the country.

As I stood there last night with one of the dad's chatting about our boys, I told him that I thought we all talk about how sweet it is for them to play together and how much fun three little boys are but I can imagine the day coming when no neighbor thinks it is sweet to have three nine year old boys running up and down the street or even worse, three teenage boys learning to drive on this street! I never imagined myself with a little boy but now I can't imagine anything sweeter in this whole world!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing sweeter! I'm so happy to see him with little friends to play with but this big friend sure does miss playing with him...love you little boo-boo-

Beppa said...

There's just nothing like having your buddies in the neighborhood to pal around and play! Our prayer was that with the move would come lots of kids his age to play with and that he would have a great school too! So wonderful to see all three of you enjoy the "neighborhood life" and also all the kids and parents at Stetson!

Susana said...

How fun!
By the way, one of the boys in the picture (the older boy) plays soccer for Allen ... he has he club shirt on. Too cool!


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