Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday of the move

We were so excited to wake up last Wednesday because that meant the movers would soon be at our house with our things! We could hardly wait to get everything in the house and in the place it belongs. We got up early that morning and Dan took Jonah to school while I worked on getting things ready for the movers to arrive.

This house has four palm trees and they really are pretty but one was in our way from the time we saw it first. It blocked the dining room window, hid the front porch area and hung over the sidewalk. We wanted to get rid of it ASAP but didn't have time before the movers arrived.

But, when a couple of the men from church arrived to get all of Dan's boxes for his office from the moving truck, they assessed the situation then remedied it for us. They left for a little while then returned with a chainsaw. They took off one whole "branch" of it so there was room to walk. The movers should have been thrilled with that because it would have poked them all day!

Ahhh...much cleaner up there! We still want to take the whole tree down but every landscaper I talk to tries to talk me out of it because those things apparently cost $2,000 plus dollars. I'm keeping the other three, that one just blocks the front door and front window. We want vegetation lower to the ground!
We quickly realized when the movers started unloading that we are severely lacking storage space in this house. Our LA house had a large storage building in the back and one under the carport also. For now, it is all stored in the garage but that means we can't park there. Our goal for tomorrow is to get that cleaned out and some things moved to a storage building so we can get our cars back in the garage.

My friend Kathy came and worked with me Wednesday and Thursday. Her immediate goal was to get Jonah's room set up and functioning. I'm so grateful to her for that. He came home that night after church and got in his bed as if nothing had ever changed. His world began to settle down a little bit from that point on.


Aja said...

Are you getting a storage unit to house all your holiday decorations? Because let me share with you that I have never in my entire life (which has been lived exclusively in FL) parked in a garage! Even now that I'm "grown up" and have a garage of my own, it's taken up with decorations, Holder's clothes he's grown out of, etc. I BEG Dave to let us get a storage unit but he says no. Luckily I am very good at getting from the car to the house in a hurry during a heavy rain! Even with a baby in tow! Enjoy your garage!!! :)

Jennifer said...

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Also, your new home is beautiful. Congratulations and may God be with you as you begin a new phase of your lives.


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