Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday of the move

We got up early Saturday morning and headed towards Florida. We stopped at the Welcome Center to get some pictures of Jonah in front of the Welcome sign. Unfortunately, it was raining! You can see the "ironic" post I did that day by clicking HERE.

We played at the Welcome Center for a little while just to let Jonah run off some energy. We even had some free Orange juice.

Our plan was to drive to Tallahassee and stop for the night. I did an Internet search to find something fun to do. I discovered the Challenger Planetarium and knew it was a must do for Jonah. If you know him well, you know he LOVES the moon. People in Vidalia now call it "Jonah's moon" when they see it at night. He is obsessed with the moon!

We bought tickets to the afternoon show and could not wait for Jonah to see all the stars and planets on the ceiling. He was quite impressed. The most precious thing happened while we were there. The movie was showing on the ceiling and it was VERY quiet in the room. All of the sudden, our little guy, at the top of his lungs started singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!" Man, talk about melting your heart. Dan & I both just giggled and tried to hush him but it was so stinkin' sweet that we hated to make him stop. He was so sincere!!

We left the planetarium and Jonah was OUT before we were out of the parking garage. We wore that little guy out!

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