Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jonah & Cliff

We had dinner Monday night at Cliff and Beppa's house. Cliff had just gotten a new Wii game that Jonah fell in love with. He would have been content to skip dinner altogether and just play the Wii. It made us realize we need to get some Wii games for him. I guess I never realized he would be interested.

After a yummy meal of Lasagna, Jonah, Cliff and Dan played the Wii for a while then we headed said our goodbyes to the Merritts. Jonah loves his buddy Cliff and Cliff certainly loves his buddy!
After we got home from their house, Dan & I got BUSY organizing for the packers who were to arrive the next morning. I put Dan on his bathroom then started in mine. I walked back to ask him a question and found this! Oh, how I love this goober! I posted the picture on Facebook and our friend Tom Carney called him Osama Dan Glenn! HA!

1 comment:

Katie (and Tony) said...

He is SO funny!!! cracks me up every time...How can you stand to live with the man? I'd be bent over from belly laughs the whole time....


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