Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hollywood Studios at Disney World

Yesterday afternoon, Dan looked at me and said "What are we gonna do tonight, Nic-Nic?" I said "Whatever you want!" Little did I know that within two hours we would have purchased our Disney Annual Passes and been well on our way to WDW. I knew that Disney was offering Florida Residents 15 months for the price on 12 on annual passes. I was not sure if AAA would honor that. Passes are typically cheaper for AAA members so I called them. Not only did they honor the FL resident deal, the passes were almost $150 cheaper for each one of them. We got a GREAT deal and now have passes for the next 15 months. As you can see, we were all excited to have them.

We decided to start with Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) since they were open until 9:30 p.m. We walked in and headed straight for The Little Mermaid show. Well, that is AFTER we took a couple of pictures at the iconic hat.

If you know Jonah at all, then you understand his obsession with Toy Story. He loves all things Toy Story so we could not wait to get him to the Pixar section of the park. He immediately spotted one of the "Little Green Army Men" and ran right over to him.

After seeing The Little Mermaid, we walked out and were facing The Playhouse Disney building. The shows were all done for the day but that didn't stop Jonah from checking everything out.

We headed back to the Pixar area and got in line to meet Woody and Buzz. I didn't know how Jonah would do with the wait but knew it would be worth it in the end. He adores those two characters so I could hardly wait to see his reaction. They had cool props from the movies throughout the wait so you could take pictures.

When Jonah rounded that corner (see video below) to see his buddies, Woody & Buzz, his day (and probably life) was made! He could not have been more thrilled to be doing anything else in the world in that moment. Can you tell how thrilled he is in these pictures?

After our turn was up, he just stood there staring at them. He was in complete and total AWE!
We left there and headed across the street to Toy Story Mania. It was a 60 minute wait and Fast Passes were long gone by the time we arrived so we stuck it and and waited the full time. Jonah did okay and the wait. The line is really cool with so much to see while you wait.

I wasn't sure what he would think about the 3-D glasses but as you can see, they weren't a problem for him.

These pictures from the ride totally crack me up. I couldn't see their faces as I took them because it was dark in there. And, I was holding the camera out in front of them. So, when I uploaded them and saw these, I laughed. Dan was thrilled and Jonah's glasses were way too big for him.

The final score wasn't very good for Jonah. Dan beat him GOOD. Oh well, there are 32 years between the two of them.

When we got off the ride, he cried a heart breaking cry. I guess we didn't prepare him for the ride ending. Poor guy. He wanted to see "Woody and Buzz just one more time!" The sadness went away when we bought him a $7 light up sword thingy. (Sorry, don't know the official name!)
At 9:30, we headed to see Fantasmic. Dan & I have seen it but Jonah never has. HE WAS ENTHRALLED! The kid sat completely still and enjoyed every single moment of that show.

We were gone for about 7 hours total (including the drive there) and had a fabulous time! I'm so glad we live close enough to take advantage of annual passes. Jonah loves Disney and his mom and dad love watching him experience life!!!!


Barb said...

You are so blessed to be able to experience all that with Jonah. And I'm jealous that you got to see Fantasmic. We tried twice when I was there and it rained both times so it was cancelled. Maybe when I come visit you. ;)

NeNe said...

Who Knows when NeNe will get to go to Disney with y'all....but I'm looking forward to that day! Love you guys!!!!


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