Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun with NeNe

I had to do one more last minute trip to Vicksburg for work so Denise met us there so we could have lunch and play with Jonah. She used to always drive to see me but now Jonah is her motivation. I'm okay with that!

We went to lunch and then she took him to a park in Vicksburg while I did my work at the two stores. I sent my camera with her and got some great pictures.

Thanks for making the trip Denise! It was a great day and I'm so glad we got one more last hug before we move. I'll see you soon in Florida!


Jami Ainsworth said...

This is obviously a new park in Vicksburg. Where is it? We used to go to the one by the river (between two of the different riverboat casinos). I haven't been in so long.

Penny said...

OMGoodness! That park is awesome! My poor little kindergarteners share 12 swings with three other classes. And some contraption that is the strangest thing ever. It is supposed to be a slide, but is two metal bleacher things stuck together tepee style. Weird! That's all they have to play on, meanwhile the 2 pre-K classes have an awesome play area. Oh, and we have a slide lying down that's never been put together. Sad. :(


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