Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 year well check

Jonah was due for his 3 year well check before we left Vidalia but our sweet Docka Russ suggested we wait until we got here so we could establish ourselves with a new doctor before we actually needed a doctor. I scheduled an appointment with a new clinic based on Tracee Gmitro's recommendation. I called about three weeks before we got to town just to assure I would be able to get in soon.

A 3 year well check is so different than one for a 2 year old. It was as if they didn't think Jonah was a baby anymore! They kept calling him a cute little boy. GASP! Little boy? Excuse me...he is a baby! I know, I know, he has to grow up but I just didn't expect it so soon. They did all kinds of new things to him.

He even tee-teed in a cup for the first time. Yes, I'm quite sure none of you cared to see his tee-tee in a cup but you know me...I document it all!!! Besides, Dan missed this appointment and I wanted him to see how great Jonah did!
The clinic moved to a brand new building just a few weeks ago. Each room is a different state or area of the country. We were put in "Alaska." The office has a giraffe theme so each room has a hidden giraffe in it. Jonah took some time to find the hidden giraffe. With a little help from mommy, he spotted it after a couple of minutes.
His new Doctor is Dr. Benjamin. She came in an introduced herself to us then Jonah asked her "Are you my new Doctor? Do you know Docka Russ?"

We had to leave his appointment with Dr. Benjamin and go straight to a lab to have blood drawn to test for allergies. Due to Jonah's reaction to bug bites, Dr. Benjamin felt we needed an Epi-pen in case his reactions get worse. Had I known how awful it would be to hold my baby down while they took blood from him, I would have waited until Dan was there. It was terrible! The videos below uploaded out of order but you can sense the sadness in the 2nd video. Poor guy!


Aja said...

We go to Central FL Peds too. LOVE them! They came very highly recommended by everyone from church friends to my girls from natural birth class. They work with our wishes (we do some pretty
"granola" things) and I just can't enough good things about them. Dr. Lewis is our primary, but we love everyone there. Glad y'all had a good appointment!

Jami Ainsworth said...

Natalie had to do blood test back in the spring for allergy test too. I wasn't there, but I heard it was pretty fact, if I remember correctly, I think she through such a fit that they had to come back in do it again. Maybe Brittany will comment and confirm or correct this.

Natalie's allergy problem was fromt he mold/mildew problem from their apartment.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. SM had to have her blood drawn a few months ago. They had to do a WBC count when they thought she might have had strep or the flu. Malinda had to work, so I carried her. It was not fun. They had to squeeze and squeeze to get enough. - Reagan


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