Friday, August 14, 2009


We were driving this morning and passed a Super Target. I looked at Dan and said "Look...Ahhh...Super Target!" From the backseat, Jonah pipes up and says "Can I shoot it? I wanna shoot it. Can I shoot it?" Dan & I looked at each other with confused looks. Then Dan grabbed my arm and said "He wants to shoot a target!"

As much as I love Target, I was distraught to discover that my child had no clue what Target was!!! I guess that is what happens when he spends too much time with Greg Randall (PaPaw) and Tim Welch (MeMaw) and not enough time shopping!

Remember his bow hunting lesson from a few weeks ago? He was introduced to a target then. Apparently, this kid doesn't forget a thing!!!


Baylee's Mommy said...

That is so cute...and funny! :)

Aunt Debra said...

I have told you for a long time how smart your boy is. Words of wisdom - watch what you say and watch what you do for things will be told by our smart little guy. Just ask your mom! Remember the coffee spill. Love you guys. Hope you are having a "great time" on your vacation!

Amanda said...

How funny! We need to remedy this lack of knowledge about the wonders of Super Target though. I think a shopping trip is in order and perhaps you could take Manna along (I am a teacher, you know! I could teach him all about Target!) =) HA HA!

greg said...

That's my boy , well actually not, but I am so proud , everytime I go out to target practice he is ready to go and help retrieve the arrows, that is really funny =)


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