Sunday, August 9, 2009

The REAL "Big Boy Bed!"

All signs pointing to "BABY" have officially been removed from our house. Jonah's toddler bed was replaced with a full size bed last week. Weeks Furniture made the delivery last week and Jonah made the switch the same night. While they were bolting the bed rails onto the headboard, there were some shavings on the floor so the delivery guy asked for a broom and dustpan. Dan took the Dustbuster in there to clean it up and from that moment on, Jonah was more interested in cleaning than checking out his bed.

After some time, we convinced him to give us the Dustbuster so he could try out his bed. He had a hard time climbing up but as he got there, he turned around to the delivery guys and said "Good job on making my bed! THANKS!" (Moments like that melt my heart!)

His new bedding is not in yet so we are making do with sheets and his blankets he is used to. We decided to move the bed next to the wall since there are no rails. He was having such a hard time getting on the bed that we pushed the top mattress closer to the wall so he would have a step if he used the box springs. That worked great.

For now, his toddler bed is still in there so it looks like three boys live in that room. (NOTE: THERE IS ONLY ONE BOY AND NO PLANS TO ADD ANOTHER! Ahem!) Because of the extra bed, it seems so disorderly in there and nothing is in its place. But, I have a feeling that is just a sign of what to come with a little boy in our house. Do little boys ever keep their rooms in order?


Penny said...

What's a boy to do with that much room to sleep? I've seen the pics of Jonah sleeping sideways--- I'm pretty sure he'll use the extra space. =)
Love what he told the delivery men! That is precious. You guys are doing a great job with his manners! Quite the little gentlemen.
I saw Dan's sermon on TV tonight. I noticed he used your post on laying down our crowns as his example. It was one of my favorite posts, too. =)

Jami Ainsworth said...

To answer your question about boys keeping their rooms clean, yes, but only when they can't do something unless they clean their room, but in my household that tends to go toward girls too (even more so). Cameron actually did better with his room than Cari. Though I must admit, she is getting better...probably because wants to "do more" these days!

K Storm said...

What a big boy!!


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