Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've always dreamed of Jonah's first trip to the beach. You know, khaki shorts, white shirt, barefoot and really cute pictures. Then, we would spend days frolicking on the beach and enjoying life. I did not imagine us driving onto the beach and walking a few feet to the water. But, that is what his first trip was. He was in awe of the ocean and seeing the beach for the first time.

We did not go dressed to play in the water that day. We drove over to Daytona to take in all the sights and did not want to tie up the whole day on the actual beach. My initial impression is that Jonah could easily be a beach bum. He loved it. He has asked to go back several times. (and we can't wait to take him back!!!)

As I said in earlier posts, Daytona Beach is a drive on beach. I've been told by church members that locals go to different beaches. But, since we weren't locals yet, we opted for the more well known beach since we were just going to be there a short amount of time. We were pretty intrigued with the whole driving on the beach thing. That is such an odd concept for people who are used to AL/MS and FL panhandle beaches.


LeAndMatt said...

You won an award...

check it out...

Hope your packing is going well!


Leah said...

I, for one, am super glad that this move doesn't affect the blog because I love seeing pictures of cute little Jonah!

Robbie said...

What gets me is that before they built the speedway, they used to actually race cars on the beach!

Jami Ainsworth said...

I love Daytona Beach and the fact that you can drive it. So cool, huh! Maybe we can take Natalie there next year!

And maybe we'll get to see ya'll too!


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