Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting through security

Jonah was so excited about riding on the airplane. We talked about everything that would happen and how much fun he would have. What we did not talk about was how he would have to take off his shoes in order to get through security. This did not make him happy. The lady in front of him was so sweet to help him calm down by showing him her bare feet and how everyone in line had no shoes on. I think he would have been fine if he could have held his shoes. I think he thought they were taking his shoes to keep.

He had to walk through security on his own so he waited patiently for his turn. He stood there with his hands by his side and his eyes wide open.

The first thing he did was plop on the ground and put his shoes back on. He was so bothered that they took his shoes! When I handed them to him, he looked at the screener and said "Thank you for giving my shoes back! They are mine!"
Note to self: Remind Jonah of the shoe issue before we fly home later this week.


Malinda said...

He's so funny.

Barb said...

Love it! He is such a funny boy!

Cristi said...

LOL I like how he let them know those shoe were HIS! Glad yall are having fun.

Penny said...

He is hilarious! Sweet that he thanked them for returning HIS shoes! =)

K Storm said...

Glad they gave his shoes back, afterall they are his!


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