Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friends to the rescue

Life is much better with good friends! It is even better when those friends are your pediatrician and pharmacist. That was never more true than on our way out of town Thursday morning. Let me explain.

Jonah got into some ants Wednesday night before church. When we put him to bed that night, he was fine. When he woke up Wednesday morning, he was in pain and his feet were swollen. We gave him some Benedryl and put some cream on the bites. We headed out the door in order to make our flight in Jackson. About 30 minutes in to our trip, he started crying and saying his "feet were burning and hurting really, really bad."

I turned around to look at his feet and they were in bad shape. I knew he needed some meds quickly. I called Reagan to see if he knew of anything over the counter that would help until we got to Orlando and could get Jonah to an after-hours clinic. I told him the whole story and how this happened back in June and we ended up at the clinic on a Saturday night with a shot and 2 prescriptions.

Reagan, being the super pharmacist that he is, called Walgreens to find out what had been dispensed that night for the same thing since it was at a clinic that wasn't open yet. In the meantime, my dear friend, "Docka Russ" called me and she got on the phone with Reagan and authorized those meds. She was actually off Thursday and we had already been texting that morning about some other things. I knew she was in Alexandria visiting her mom and aunt so I was so grateful to hear from her and talk thought Jonah's issues.

And, it just so happens that Reagan's pharmacy was on the way to the airport so we made a quick detour to see him and pick up the meds. Jonah was happy to see him again and immediately asked "Where is Miss Merlinder?" (Yeah, her name is Malinda!)

Reagan, thank you! You have been a dear friend and my favorite deacon for many years now. You went above and beyond the call of duty and saved our first day of vacation! You rock! Docka Russ, you will always be the number one pediatrician in our book! We adore you and the way you love our little boy. I'm blessed to call you friend!

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Malinda said...

That sure is a great pharmacist you got there. I bet he's an even better deacon.


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