Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend with the Johnsons

When Dan went to his first church position out of college, he made a serious bond with the Johnson family in Liberty, MS. They welcomed him into their family and treated him like one of their kids. When I met him, they opened their arms to me too. I stayed in their home when I visited Liberty and spent many late nights piled on the bed talking to Mrs. Judy, Heather and Jessica. We really, really love these people. They mean even more to us now because 13 years later, they still make such an effort to be involved in our lives. They come to Vidalia to hear Dan preach any chance they get. They spend their anniversary weekends in Natchez so they don't go too long with out seeing Jonah. They support us, encourage us, love us and pray for us. Seriously, they are VERY special friends!
They came to Natchez to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary and to hang with our family. We picked them up Saturday night at their hotel then headed to the lake to eat at The Duck's Nest. It was great food and even better company.
They came to church Sunday morning then we all had lunch together. While at lunch, I mentioned to Dan that I needed to get a sitter that afternoon because Dan had meetings and I had Bible Study at our house. Mrs. Judy immediately piped up and volunteered. We tried to convince them otherwise since it was their anniversary but they insisted. So, I dropped Jonah off at their hotel for a few hours. He had a blast! As soon as we arrived to get him, he informed me that he wanted to go home with them. Trust me, they would have let him!!
Their hotel was right on the Mississippi River so we walked over to the bluff to take some pictures and let Jonah run and play. (Mainly to take pictures!) You can read about our visit with them last year by clicking HERE or HERE. Or, you can see how we spent Easter with them this year by clicking HERE.

Jonah took this picture. Pretty good, huh?
It was getting late and was already well past Jonah's bed time so we headed back to the room to say our goodbyes and grab Jonah's stuff.

He really wanted to get in that "little bitty swimming pool" and they would have let him but we knew we never could have gotten him out!! So, he gave hugs and we headed out the door. It was another great visit with very special friends.
I'll leave you with this picture Mrs. Judy took of Dan and I! It is my new favorite picture of the two of us! It appears we really like each other. (We do, by the way!!)


Sugar's Mommy said...

I love the picture of you and BROTHER Dan.

Penny said...

What great friends! I love the picture of the two of you, also. I wish I had good pictures of my husband and me, but I am MUCH more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it! And it doesn't help that I am not photogenic, either. LOL

Audra said...

That last picture is fabulous! A definite framer! Oh and Jonah is quite the photog!

How blessed y'all are to have such wonderful friends! God is good!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE the picture of the two of you!

Jennifer said...

Great Picture! I'm so glad to be your blogging friend.


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