Saturday, July 4, 2009

No camera = No photos to share

Last Tuesday, I delivered my trusty point & shoot camera to Best Buy for Warranty work. I have not taken a picture since then. Well, I take that back, I have taken some with my phone. But, the quality isn't all that great. So, until I get it back, you'll just have to imagine how Jonah is spending his days.

I would tell you that he saw his first 3-D movie today but that might make you wish you had pictures. Especially if you knew the glasses were way too big for his head but he wore them anyway. And, you would probably want to see the huge thing of popcorn that sat in his lap. You would definitely want to see the tube of M&M's he ate and how the chocolate was all over his face. But, since I have no camera right now, you'll just have to take my word for it when I say he had a LARGE time and his daddy and mommy grinned the whole time just because he loved it so much.


Cristi said...

Word pictures are the next best thing, you are really going to have to give your descriptive vocabulary a workout.

Penny said...

I thought you had an SLR? I had to send my Canon Rebel off to get the flash fixed right after Leon was born, so I bought a point and shoot to make do until it came back. My digital camera is the one piece of technology I don't want to do without. You can have my cell phone, computer, TV, DVD/VCR, but leggo my Canon. LOL(I really didn't buy the point and shoot JUST for that reason. I'd been wanting one anyway for school. My SLR is too big to take to work just to take pics of Kindergarteners hunting eggs and the like.)
Anyway, you'd better get a temp. How will you blog with no pics?!

Aunt Debra said...

I too want to know the length of "down time"! Can we take up a collection for a back-up camera? All I can say is "I don't like, I don't like it at all". I am ok for now in re-viewing past posts especially the Delta Bank Photo Op but only if I know this catastrophic problem is short term.

Barb said...

um, don't you have a DSLR??? take photos! :)

Jami Ainsworth said...

USE THE's worth the hassle. I bought my point and shoot after starting the blog, but Cari keeps it now. It's just not the same!


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