Friday, July 10, 2009

A morning of Golf

Notice Jonah's clubs laid behind the seat? I don't think the Hibbs could have given him anything he loves more than those!!!
Dan got a text from Jon Betts early this morning to see if he and Jonah wanted to go play golf. We knew Jonah would love but asked him to be sure. Lets just say he had a hard time stopping long enough for breakfast because he was so excited. As you know, my little Point & Shoot camera is off for warranty work so I had nothing to send with Dan. (I'm pretty sure he would have refused to take my Digital SLR with the girly strap!) I begged him to stop by the church to borrow a camera. He did! (Reason #263,679,321 that I adore him!)

At some point, Jonah decided to use the camera for a couple of shots. He didn't quite get all of Jon's head in the frame but did okay on his dad! (actually, it appears Dan has learned trick of ducking down in order to get in the general direction of the camera aim!)

Dan said Jonah did great and actually hit the ball pretty well. I was worried he would give up and want to be done before the big guys but Dan said he was a trooper. He said he could have played more and been fine. I love that Jonah is liking golf. That is something he can enjoy with his daddy for years to come.

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