Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jonah's first Sunday Morning Church Service

Sunday was a big day for Jonah. I decided to attempt taking him to the Worship Service rather than the nursery. My goal was for him to make it through the children's sermon then I would take him to the nursery for the remainder of the service. Well, that little kiddo shocked me. He did so well!! As soon as we got to the Sanctuary, we walked in to one of the cry rooms so I could explain to him what was about to happen. This is the look I got!
We walked into the sanctuary and he saw Dan. He ran to him and gave him a huge hug then told him all about why he was in there. Dan made a huge deal out of it and that thrilled Jonah.
He was very timid about going down for the children's sermon so Dan went with him. I secretly snapped pictures (without a flash) in hopes of them turning out okay. I was holding the camera next to my leg so I was pretty doubtful I would get any of them down there. These aren't great, but they work!

Dusty had Ben Williams with him to illustrate the point about being different but still unified in the body of Christ. It was a great illustration and Jonah paid close attention.
I was able to snap this picture of Noah and Eden by turning the camera a little bit. Isn't this sweet? It is always fun to see siblings love each other!

Since I sit on the second row, I didn't think quick enough to have my camera ready for Jonah's first offering. I did capture two photos but they are both blurry. I posted both just so I would have them.

Much to my surprise, that little fella lasted the entire service and did GREAT. After church was over, people flocked to him to tell him how great he did. Mrs. Linda was in town all the way from Pineville. She came right up to see Jonah and talk to him. I think he was telling her how old he is now.

A few stories from the church service. First, the choir was singing "How Can I Keep From Singing" as I held Jonah in my lap. I could not help but cry. The lyrics are "How can I keep from singing your praise? How can I ever say enough, how amazing is Your Love?" As I held my little boy, the choir echoed the feelings of my heart. God has been so faithful to me, to my family and to my little boy. His love is beyond amazing! Those words meant so much more that day.

Stephen asked the congregation to stand and sing "Lord, I give you my heart." I was holding Jonah and singing with all that was in me. I looked at him and said "Sing!" He said "I don't know these words." I told him to sing anything. At the top of his lungs, he sang "Happy Birthday!" Since no one was in front of us, no one heard him. But, the entire choir caught a glimpse of him standing there singing with all of his heart. Half of them were crying. He may not have been singing a worship song, but he worshipped. It was so sweet.

Jonah wanted to color but I told him he had to wait until after the music was over. When it ended, a pre-message video started. He said "Is church over?" I said "No, Daddy has to talk now." He said "Why does Daddy have to talk?" Dan said "everyone else wonders the same thing, buddy!"

I snapped a quick picture at the altar steps of him after the service. You know, I'm sentimental like that. Somewhere near where he was sitting is his name. You know, from when it was written on the floor in hopes of him accepting Christ at an early age. You can read about that HERE if you don't remember that.

After taking Jonah's picture, David wanted one of him, Dan and Jonah. THREE generations of Glenn boys.


Cristi said...

Enjoyed your post. Loved the part about him singing. It made me cry. Oh if we all could be so willing to just sing praise to our Father.

Sarah Armstrong said...

How Cute!! If you don't mind will you email me those pictures of Eden and Noah, my email is

Audra said...

A child singing is the most beautiful sound in the world, I think. That and a baby's first cry. When I hear a child sing in church above everyone else, I'll start bawling! So, of course when I read this about Jonah worshiping in song with different words, I cried! Sooo special! Ah! I'm crying just writing it!


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