Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jonah's first birthday gift

Jonah got his first birthday gift in the mail Saturday. He was so excited to see a package for him and even more excited to open it. It was from Ella, Amelia and Audrey. I LOVED the wrapping. (Thus, the reason I'm holding it for a picture!) The girls colored a sheet of butcher paper and Allison used that to wrap the gift. I will so be stealing her idea. (Thanks, Allison!)

As Max looked on, Jonah worked with great determination to unwrap his gift. He was so excited to discover his own super hero cape. Allison told me about it but it was even cuter than I could have imagined!
Ladies and Gentleman, you have all heard of Dr. J. But, allow me to introduce you to SUPER J!!!

And, just so you know, he was most impressed that it "matches" his Mickey Mouse PJs! And, this mommy was most impressed to realize that he was right. The colors were a dead on match for his pajamas he had on. Thanks Uncle Doug, Aunt Allison, Ella, Amelia, and Audrey (man, that was a lot of vowels I just typed!!!) for a great gift to being the birthday celebration!!!

P.S. Super J has now been seen at the business meeting, at Walmart, at the post office and outside playing while wearing his new cape!

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Jami Ainsworth said...

This is awesome and so perfect for super hero little boys!


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