Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday Buddies

Jonah had a little pre-birthday celebration with Baylee Brewer last Sunday night. She came all the way from Nashville, TN just to give him a birthday gift. (Not really, she only came from Palm Street in Vidalia! She was in town visiting her grandparents!!!) Baylee just had a birthday on July 4. She turned 2 years old. I neglected to send her gift when Greg and Cindy went to Nashville for the party. So, she and Jonah exchanged gifts Sunday.

They gave Jonah a super cute Monkey raincoat. I LOVED IT! I have been wanting a raincoat for him so I was so happy to see him pull that out of the bag. He loved it too, can't you tell?

HA! I think he got embarrassed when we all started ooohing and ahhing over him. He buried his head for a minute then was back to normal. Baylee was most impressed with Max. (a.k.a. PUPPEEEEE!)

We tried to get a picture of Baylee, Kassi, Jonah and Max all together but Max jumped right before I snapped the picture. Thus the expressions on their faces!
Jonah took Baylee back to his room to play with his toys and he buried his head again. (Notice him on the bed?) He was so timid around her. I'm thinking there might be a little crush involved. Hey, who wouldn't have a crush on a blonde haired, blue eyed cutie like Baylee?

I pulled out the tee-pee from Docka Russ and that broke down all barriers. Those kids had a blast going in and out of that thing. Baylee couldn't decide if she like it or the easel the best. (Shonda, she needs one of those easels for Christmas...she LOVES it!)

It was time for Baylee to leave so they gave bye hugs to each other. I can't believe either of the slowed down long enough to actually hug the other one.

As they were leaving, Jonah decided he needed to potty. Baylee marched right in there with him to watch. We hoped it might inspire her. Nope! But, that could be due to Jonah's bossing her to get get on the toilet. Take note of that finger pointing to the toilet!
We had so much fun playing with Baylee but really missed her mommy and daddy! Maybe next time!


Pawpaw said...

wow , great pictures , I am going to miss that little girl but we have Jonah this week at the house and he knows how to fill the void !!! =)

Baylee's Mommy said...

I am sorry we missed this trip as well. Baylee seemed to have a great time the whole weekend. Oh, you failed to mentioned how you "scared Baylee to death" ;) Yes Mamma and Kassi told me the story. LOL


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