Monday, June 15, 2009

Sometimes you just have to make do!

Last Friday afternoon, Dan and I were talking about what age Jonah can start playing soccer. Dan looked at him and said "would you like to play soccer on a team?" WRONG THING TO ASK! Jonah thought he meant right then. We do have soccer nets here but Jonah was sick and did not need to be outside in the heat. He got very upset because he wanted to "really, really play soccer!" Well, resourceful ole mom came up with a plan. We moved his new tent from Dr. Russ to the end of the hallway and found a couple of balls.

I'm not sure if you noticed but Max was inside the tent. Poor dog...he never knew what hit him!

Dan tried his best to teach him that you don't touch the soccer ball with your hands but Jonah never grasped that. Dan has a lot of work to do before Jonah takes the field the first time.


Aunt Debra said...

Okay, who had the most fun here? Dan or Jonah? Good job on improvising Mom!

Cristi said...

I remember playing golf in the hall with the boys. And Hockey! Hope he feels all better soon.


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