Friday, June 5, 2009


When we were in Baton Rouge for Mother's Day weekend, we found a barber shop for kids called Snip-its. Jonah's first hair cut was when he was 9 months old and done at the Disney Barber Shop. Since then, he has had regular cuts. They have all been with "Miss-Shell" who happens to be our friend, Michelle Strong. I kind of felt like I was betraying her by taking him there so I sent her a text to let her know we were trying a "fun" place for him.

The start off by giving him his own pass, a sucker and starting a movie at his station. He seemed to be impressed with that. They even gave Dan bubbles to blow for him while the hair was being cut.

When all was said and done, you stick your little pass in the slot, put some of your hair in front of the opening and punch a button. The machine sucks your hair up and shoots a prize out to you.

We were not especially impressed with the barber's interaction with Jonah nor the actual haircut but figured it was worth it for the experience. We got in the car and Jonah said "I want to go see Miss-shell next time." DONE! Us too, little buddy!

We left there and headed to the Mall of Louisiana. On our way there, Jonah asked where we were going. I told him we were headed to the mall. When we pulled up, he asked "Is this a mall, mommy?" GASP! My child was unaware what a mall was!!! I am a shopper to the core and he did not even know what fuels my passion. We stopped to take a picture so I can frame it for his room. (Not really!)


Katie (and Tony) said...

This is what happens when you live 2 hours from a Target. Sigh...Come see Aunt Katie, Jonah! We'll show you what a mall is and how to do some damage. Can you say "Charge it!"?

Penny said...

Goodness, aren't you the posting maniac today?! LOL That must have taken forever to load that many pictures! Your picture folders must be better organized than mine. =) You guys seem to find new ways to have fun every week.


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