Monday, June 8, 2009

May 31

I just discovered all of these pictures uploaded to blogger but never blogged. I guess I did the hard work that night and never came back to write anything. So, here goes! May 31 was our Ribbon Cutting/Grand opening for our new building. We had a lot of people present for the service and then we moved outside to cut the ribbon. We did things a little different from a typical ribbon cutting but aren't churches supposed to be a little different?

Jonah watched his daddy talk and then cut the ribbon. He wanted so badly to be up there with him. Do you know how hard it is to hold back a 2 year old who hasn't seen his daddy all day?? As soon as the ribbon was cut and the song was sung, that little boy high tailed it to his daddy. He was so happy to be in Dan's arms until he heard Natalie had a present for him. Then it was bye-bye daddy, hello Natalie! Her MiMi bought Jonah some big boy underwear in honor of his potty training success. I'm sure the day is coming that neither of us will enjoy pictures of our children posing with underwear but for now, it was really sweet. You need to check out her photography blog for a better picture. My little point and shoot is giving me serious problems. I got it two years ago and trust me, IT HAS BEEN USED!!! So, I have a feeling a new one will be purchased soon!

Dan had so much going on at the church that afternoon and night that he did not come home after the service. He stayed there to get things done and I napped with Jonah. (hard job but someone has to do it!) After his nap, we headed to the pool. Jonah saw Art when he got out of the car and took off running for him. I LOVE how he loves people. It is so free and so precious to see. People always give us a hard time about telling him to hug people goodbye but I really believe that has fostered a since of urgency about loving people freely.

He was so thrilled to see the pool. He was a little unsure about getting in at first. He kept saying "in just a minute" when I would ask him to sit on the steps.

He refused to wear floaties last year but I think he quickly realized the freedom a pair of floaties gave him. He was more than happy to wear them and even jump in with them. He has no fear of the water and that makes for fun times but also scary times. I love pool days with him. He has so much fun!
We got home from the pool and all he wanted to wear was "big boy underwear!" He has now gone 2 whole weeks without an accident so I guess that means he actually did potty train in only 1 day!! I passed by the den and saw this.
My baby really is a little boy now. There he stood watching a movie, wearing underwear and holding a sword! Just minutes after I snapped this picture, he stabbed the couch with his sword and told me to go bury it! Oh dear...I guess this is the life of the mother of a boy!

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Jami Ainsworth said...

I love the one you captured of Natalie hugging Jonah. I don't think I got that one at all. I love that Natalie has that same loving/hugging personality! Sooo precious to everyone who gets one of those special hugs.


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