Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jonah's Daddy

I always wanted to be a mommy. As a little girl, you never found me playing with a My Little Pony or outside in a tree house, I was always tending to my babies. I named them all and took the absolute best care of them. As a teenager, you could find me hanging out with little kids. I spent more time babysitting than I did sleeping. I went on family vacations with people so I could keep their kids. I passed up on nights out with my friends so I could rock babies. I was obsessed with children!

My sweet husband, on the other hand, was not! He liked kids but preferred video games. He did not mind acknowledging
someone's new baby but would never miss a date to ooh and ahh over that baby. He knew he would probably one day have kids but never thought about it or dreamed about it. He certainly was not obsessed with it.

Then, one day in 2001, we decided we were ready to have a child of our own. I jumped in with both feet. Dan stuck a toe in the water and eased himself in slowly. We began to hope and dream for this little future Glenn. Those hopes and dreams quickly turned to "what-ifs" when we learned having a baby would not be as easy for us as we once thought. We spent the next several years with doctors and adoption plans...always dreaming about our own child.

On November 28 of 2005, our world was rocked when we discovered I was pregnant! We were wild with excitement but even so, fear
creeped into Dan's mind. He questioned whether he would be a good daddy. He wondered if a little boy would think he was a good dad if he didn't hunt or fish. He questioned his ability to hold a baby or know how to comfort him/her. He didn't think he knew what to do. I kept telling him that once they placed that baby in his arms that he would know exactly what to do.

Little did I know just how right I was! On July 27, 2006, a nurse handed a 7 pound, 10 ounce baby boy to Dan Glenn and a father was born!! His eyes sparkled and heart grew bigger than it had ever been. From that day on, Dan was different. The same man that loved sleep counted it a
privilege to get up in the middle of the night to feed and comfort a little baby. The man that looked so forward to rounds of golf on the weekend suddenly decided no round of golf was better than spending time off with a giggling, toddling, busy little boy. The man that dreamed of relaxing vacations of sleep, golf and quiet dinners now spends vacations in DisneyWorld going non-stop from early morning until after the fireworks. Yes, that same man is there but he is now better!

One of the most precious moments of my entire life happened a few minutes after Jonah's birth. The nurses cleaned Jonah and wrapped him in a blanket then handed him to me. I was in the bed holding him and staring into his little eyes. Dan walked to the left side of the bed and scooted right into the bed with me. He put his right arm around me and his left hand on Jonah's head and then said, "Let's thank God now!" He started the prayer by saying "Thank You God..." and then the tears came and he could no longer speak. By this time, we were both blubbering, unable to speak but with hearts so grateful to God.

Almost three years have passed since that day. Next month, we will celebrate the life of Jonah Daniel Glenn as he turns 3. But today, I celebrate the life of Robert Daniel Glenn who, because of that day in July, is now a daddy. And, a very good one! He sees no job as beneath him where Jonah is concerned. He has changed just as many diapers, fed just as many meals, given just as many baths, and wiped just as many snotty noses as I have. Not because I ask him to do that, or guilt him into doing that, but because he wants to. He loves being a daddy!

While Jonah has learned so many things from his dad, I'm most excited about the example of faith he has. Dan consistently leads our home to follow Christ and make Him a priority in all we do. Jonah can pray prayers that rival many adults at only 2 years old. He did not learn that on his own. He learned by example. He talks about Jesus because he hears it at home.

My dad died when I was 3 months pregnant with Jonah. So, on this special day to honor fathers, I can only think about mine but I will spend the day with a sweet little boy and the man he made a father...and I can't wait!!!


4 J's said...

You made me cry! So sweet! Happy Father's Day Dan!

Sugar's Mommy said...

So, so sweet.

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I'm not a crier and you made me teary eyed!Y'all are so sweet.

Jami Ainsworth said...

Well, I am a crier and you did it to me again. So sweet and so precious.

Beppa said...

Every time I think about Jonah and your dad, I think about that Jonah's name COULD have been "Stamps"....a special night for your dad, and - who would have thought - the beginning of The Glenn Gang. :) That would make your dad smile!! At least Jonah's name isn't Butler Greenwood....

Audra said...

Tears are in my eyes! How beautiful!

winstead family said...

what a beautiful fathers day post. thanks for sharing!!!!


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