Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun at Delta Bank

As most blog readers know, Jonah has a few friends that well over 10 times his age. While he enjoys playing with friends his own size, he is especially smitten with some adults that he thinks exist only to entertain him. Two of those adults are Cliff and Beppa! Cliff is the president of one of our banks in town and every time Jonah sees it, he says "There is Cliff's bank where Josh lives!" He watches for their trucks every time we pass the bank.

A few months ago, Delta Bank used a picture from this portrait session in one of their ads. Someone there got the idea to use Jonah in those overalls but in different settings around the bank for other ads. Last Monday, I dressed him in those overalls and his John Deere boots and we headed out the door. He was not the least bit concerned with having his picture taken. He wanted to see his friend Cliff. He knew Cliff was upstairs but he didn't understand exactly where to look for him.

I wish you could have seen him when he spotted Cliff down the hall. He took off running and jumped in his arms. When he and Cliff walked back into the lobby, he exclaimed "I FOUND HIM!"

Ms. Ouida took him to the back to help him get outfitted for the first few shots. Jonah was over the top impressed with his tool belt! I spent the next hour or so just following them around and taking pictures of the experience. My goal wasn't to capture them for the ad but to just get some for the memories. As you will see, he had a LARGE time!

After we were done, we walked upstairs to Cliff's office only to discover him looking at one of the pictures on his computer. Jonah was super impressed that he was on Cliff's TV!


Daniel & Denise said...

Are they finally remodeling the Ferriday office?

Barb said...

That is too cool! Those ads will be priceless to you. Will you be able to put some of them on your blog for those of us who don't live close by?

Sugar's Mommy said...

That's right Jonah. Start working now cause your future wife, Sara Madalin is HIGH MAINTENANCE.

Beppa said...

Just saw the posts...precious!! He was so great about taking the pics, the bank employees were amazed at how long he "worked"! But he did get ice cream after we were done! :) LOVE the pics of him and Cliff, priceless!

Anonymous said...

I Love the one at the ATM, it is too cute. Mammy

Avery's Mommy said...

OMG that is going to be the CUTEST ad ever!

Penny said...

Those ads are gonna be adorable! Can't wait to see the final pics!
Just curious--- do Debra and Cliff have kids/grandkids of their own?
My bestfriends growing up were my grandparents and remained so until my last two grandmas passed away 2 years ago! And I DO know how very blessed I am to have had them for 42 years! I adored them--- as you can tell if you went back on my blog to the beginning. One of my first posts was titled "Of Mimis and Nannies" and is all about my two grandmothers. =)


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