Friday, May 8, 2009

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Posts

I am seriously behind on posting. Actually, I'm not behind as much as I have just had so many big events to post lately. And, with this weekend being Mother's Day and our overnight trip to Baton Rouge for Disney on Ice, I have a feeling it will take some time to get caught up. With the exception of the farm post, every other post I need to do is from this week. So, here is your sneak peek of what is to come!

1. Yard time with Cliff, Beppa, MeMaw Tim, Daddy, Max and Mommy! (Today)

2. Jonah's very first set of real golf clubs. These were supposed to be a birthday gift but someone couldn't wait to give them to Jonah!!! I have lots of cute pictures from this! (Today)
3. Jello Alphabet lesson- When I was home with Jonah on Tuesday, we did lots of fun things together, including making Jello then cutting out letters with cookie cutters. (Tuesday)
4. I took my camera in to Jonah's preschool when I picked him up and the kids went crazy wanting me to take their picture. (Wednesday)
5. Dan took Jonah and I over to the Sanctuary to see the carpet after they put it down. Jonah immediately laid down on it to try it out. He made us lay down too! (Wednesday)
6. Jonah and I had a fun time keeping Eli in the nursery while Manna was in a VBS meeting. Jonah fed Eli and sang to him. WAY too many cute pictures of this! (Don't let Eli's scared face fool you! He had a great time but he was very sleepy!)
7. Outside on Cinco de Mayo! (Don't ask me how I picked the one blurry picture to post in the preview considering I have so many good ones! It is almost midnight and I'm too tired to go back and change it.) (Tuesday)
8. Art time is always fun around our house. This was on one of Jonah's sick days. Isn't he cute even when sick? (Monday)
9. Mother's Day posts are coming with pictures of my wonderful gifts. (Including these lovely yellow bags full of LUSH!)
10. Two weeks ago, Belinda took Jonah to the farm with her after church. Jonah got to see actual farming and was just thrilled. MeMaw Tim even let him drive a tractor. This is the oldest post and hasn't been done just because I am spending time editing all of the images and choosing my favorites. There are lots and I love them all! (Sunday, April 26)
So, stay tuned for these ten posts plus all the posts from our fun weekend. I really, really LOVE my life!


Jami Ainsworth said...

I am looking forward to reading all these posts. And I am jealous that I don't document more of Natalie in pics. I want to, but then when I decide not to pick up the camera because of the work that goes with it. It makes me wish I wasn't a photographer and that it was my hobby again...I think I would do much better a documenting all the little and most precious things. What a treasure this will be for Jonah one day!

Barb said...

Looking forward to reading the posts and seeing the pics. I've been missing seeing pics of Jonah this week. :)


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