Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Pool

We are very fortunate to have a few pools that are available to us throughout the summer months. Since Jonah is at the age that one of us has to be in the water with him, we decided to get him a plastic pool for the days we don't exactly have time to get wet with him. The pool cost only $17 and I can assure you we have already gotten our money's worth!!

It was a beautiful, sunny day when I filled the pool up. By the time Jonah woke up from his nap and got out there, it had turned a little chilly. But, he wanted to get in anyway. He would shiver every now and then. I only let him stay in for about 15 minutes that day but he loved every single minute. He was even putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles. I'm thinking that might come in handy next week when he starts swim lessons!

Max even liked the pool. Although, he thought it was a large water bowl just for him!!

There are two videos for you to see. The first is when I took him outside to surprise him with the pool. He had no idea it was out there! The second video is just fun times in the pool. Be sure to turn your volume up!


Jami Ainsworth said...

Who's doing his lessons? I want Natalie to take someone as soon as possible. I really indended for her to last year...even though we didn't ger around do it. She had no fear for her first dip in the pool like she did last year.

Anonymous said...

So much fun, I am so glad he is taking swimming lessons. Mammy

Cristi said...

Those videos are great! I cant wait to A. Get Avery one of those in my yard. and B. To be able to have conversations with her! How sweet!


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