Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My cool dude!!

We stopped by the church one day last week to check on the progress. Obviously, this was before we occupied the building. Jonah is always more than willing to stop by the church to see his daddy in the midst of the day. He had his shades on so I had to snap a picture. (imagine that?) It may be one of my new favorites. He looks like such a little boy in the picture.

He walked in and went straight to help "Misser Ricky work." He was convinced Ricky needed his help. After he worked with Ricky for a while, he spotted the new kneeling/prayer benches. He asked what they were so I told him and then encouraged him to go try them out.

After he prayed, he decided to sweep the floor. He kept saying "This floor is dirty but I clean it, okay mommy?"

I'm glad Jonah was able to be part of seeing this project come full circle. It has been an adventure for our church and for our family.

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Jami Ainsworth said...

I love, love the praying photos. So, so sweet! Priceless!


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