Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mother's Day

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day. This day is always so special now that I have a little boy who calls me Mommy! I love spending days like this with him. Dan did a great job of helping him celebrate mommy all weekend. The first few pictures are of him "signing" my card. There is a video at the end that Dan took of this process.
When I started getting Jonah's clothes out for the day, he spotted his tie and told me he wanted to wear it. He loves being like his daddy. He is convinced that his daddy is the creator of ties. Every time he sees a tie, he points to it and says "that tie is like my daddy!"

I am usually the one behind the camera but since this day was about being a mommy, I came out of hiding! I'm glad I did because I ended up with some sweet pictures of us!

I did a post on the actual day that showed the hand prints Jonah has made at Sunday School over the years. I love these little treasures. I have a rubbermaid container of things like this and he isn't even three years old yet!
As I prepared to put Jonah to bed that night and he told me to get my camera. (Is he my child or what?) So, we did a self-photo session. We even grabbed Lammy for the last picture.

We are not typical gift people around our house. We both tend to get things as we want them throughout the year so we don't feel the pressure to find the perfect gift around holidays. But, this year, Dan and Jonah outdid themselves. I ended up with a rather nice haul of LUSH bath products. If you don't know what LUSH is, you are REALLY missing out! My friend Ashley Chambless introduced me to LUSH and I am forever indebted to her!
I also got an AWESOME camera bag for my Digital SLR camera. I found the lady on ETSY and then got to choose the size bag I wanted and pick out the fabric. She has lots of bag sizes and designs. I wanted one that would hold my SLR, an extra lens, the cords and cables and then even have a little spare room. This one was perfect. I LOVE IT! It also came with a camera strap that matches the fabric on the bag.
My most favorite gift also came from ETSY. It is a Copper/silver necklace & ear ring set that has Jonah's name and birthdate on it. She has some of the cutest designs on her site. I will definitely be placing another order soon.

All in all, my weekend was PERFECT. We started in Baton Rouge by seeing Disney on Ice and ended with me tucking Jonah in for the night and realizing once again just how blessed I am to be called mommy by this little boy!

The two videos posted below are of the Saturday night before Mother's Day with Dan videoing while Jonah worked on my card and the night of Mother's Day as I spent some time in his room with him before bedtime stories and prayers.

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Sugar's Mommy said...

I love the bag. I need one of those. I also really like that necklace. It's so pretty. And so sweet.


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