Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Louie Story

Several of you have emailed or left comments wanting to know the story I mentioned about Louie Giglio and how his words caused us believe God gave him a message specifically for us. So, here goes...

When we were engaged in September of 1998, we had our lives planned just perfectly. Dan was on staff at Harmony Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, MS as the Student Minister and I was the Office Manager for Dr. Jeff Cumberland in Richland, MS. Dan was doing Seminary through the NOBTS extension center at Mississippi College. We planned to get married the next August and keep on with life just as it was.

On the way to an MSU Campus revival in Starkville one night in January of 1999, Dan looked at me and said "school is such a waste of my time! I am getting nothing out of it and am bored out of my mind. The professors are there out of obligation not passion. I hate going there every Monday and spending 9 hours in class. It really is awful!" We talked most of the way there about how we could leave and go to Seminary but where? And then, how would we live? We didn't have any money and we certainly couldn't give up two great jobs. We left the car with no answers but we weren't really expecting any. It was more a conversation out of frustration than anything else.

We attended the revival service at MSU that night and to be honest, I don't remember at all what Louie talked about. But, as we were leaving, we walked past the long line of people waiting to speak to Louie. As we got even with him, he made eye contact with Dan and Dan said "Thanks for your message tonight!" Louie turned from who he was speaking to and took Dan's hand to shake it. He said something along the lines of thanking Dan for his kind words and then looked at him and said "Are you a student?" Dan told him that he graduated two years ago and was serving full-time on a church staff. Louie said "So, you have finished seminary?" Dan said "No, I am actually doing the extension center while working full-time." Louie said "Let me guess, you hate it, you feel like you are wasting your time and dread going every week!" Dan looked at me (amazed that we had just spend 2 hours discussing that on the drive up there) and then looked back at him and said "Yeah!"

Louie looked at us and said "Are you married?" Dan told him we had gotten engaged back in September and were planning an August wedding. Then he looked at both of us and said "I don't know why God brought me here for this revival except to say this to you. Resign your position, trust God to provide for you, move to a Seminary and GET DONE with your education so you can focus on what God has called you to do!"

As all the blood drained from our faces, we smiled, said goodbye and walked in silence to our car. As we got about 50 feet from the car, Dan said "Well, I guess we need to go visit Seminaries!" God used Louie Giglio to speak one of the clearest, most plain messages from Him we have ever heard. We knew that God used him to speak to us and we were blown away by the message.

But, you know what? We changed our wedding date, resigned our positions effective the end of July and began to plan our move to Fort Worth, Texas. And God was with us every step of the way!


David & Regina White said...

What an awesome testimony!! Thanks so much for sharing.

4 J's said...

That is amazing! Thanks for sharing the story...gave me chill bumps!

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

Wow. That's pretty amazing! I didn't know that story.

Audra said...

That gave me chills! Isn't it amazing how clearly God speaks to us sometimes?

greg said...

Thank God for Louie,and his suggestion. Thank God for for ya'lls willingness to follow God's will for your life's reguardless of the hurdles you knew were going to face. FBC Vidalia is truly fortunate and blessed to have you both. Pictures sure to come.

Jami Ainsworth said...

Thanks for sharing. Don't you just love it when God's message to you is so clearly!


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